About The 30th World Hakka Conference

Hakka is one of the important and unique folk departments of the Chinese nation. The Chinese characters for Hakka () literally means “guest families”. Since ancient times, Hakka has formed a kind of good-neighborly culture spirit, unity and cooperation, and pioneering and enterprising cultural spirit. Hakka populations are found in 13 out of the 27 provinces of mainland China, with Guangdong comprising about 60% of the total Hakka population. Due to historical reasons, Hakkas have emigrated to many regions worldwide, including Malaysia, whereby Hakka people form the second largest subgroup of the ethnic Chinese population, particularly in the peninsular. Hence, it comes as no surprise of the Hakka saying "Where there is sunshine there are Chinese; wherever there are Chinese, there are Hakka.”

On September 28, 1971, the Hong Kong Tsung Tsin Association held "The 1st World Hakka Conference", and the first conference decided to hold it all over the world. The most basic guiding ideology of holding the conference is to carry forward the Hakka spirit, enhance the unity of Hakka family at home and abroad, promote economic cooperation and cultural exchange, as well as promoting the peaceful reunification of the motherland.


Since then, Hakka groups around the world have inherited the "conference" activity procedure, and gradually expanded it, forming a global Hakka family friendship mechanism, reunion occasions and cooperation platform. The feast has been successfully held in Asia, the United States and Africa, and is one of the most influential Chinese events in the world. It is also an important stage for Hakka families in various countries and regions to carry out economic cooperation and cultural exchanges.


In 2015, under the leadership of the President Dato Steve Chong, The Federation of Hakka Associations of Malaysia has successfully bid to host the 30th World Hakka Conference in 2019 at the 28th conference held in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Malaysia will once again host this grand event after the 15th World Hakka Conference held in 1999.

The following are the hosting years and cities of World Hakka Conference :

No  Date                                                    City                       Country
1      28 September 1971                            Hong Kong          China
2     5-8 October 1973                               Taipei                   Taiwan
3     7-9 October 1976                               Taipei                   Taiwan
4     29 September - 2 October 1978       San Francisco     USA
5     3-7 October 1980                               Tokyo                  Japan
6     25-26 September  1982                    Bangkok              Thailand
7     7-9 October 1984                               Taipei                   Taiwan
8     19 May 1986                                        Port Louis            Mauritius
9     21-22 October 1988                           San Francisco     USA
10    8 June 1990                                       Kota Kinabalu      Malaysia
11     6-8 October 1992                              Kaoshiung           Taiwan
12    6 December 1994                              Meizhou              China
13    9 November 1996                              Singapore           Singapore
14    6 October 1998                                  Taipei                  Taiwan
15    4-7 November 1999                           Kuala Lumpur     Malaysia
16    19-21 November 2000                       Longyan             China
17    2-6 November 2002                         Jakarta                Indonesia
18    26-28 October 2003                         Zhengzhou         China
19    18-20 November 2004                     Ganzhou              China
20   12-14 October2005                           Chengdu             China
21    18-21 October2006                            Taipei                 Taiwan
22   16-18 October 2008                            Xi an                  China
23   29 November -1 December 2010      Heyuan              China
24   1-3 December 2011                             Beihai                 China
25   21-23 November 2012                       Sanming             China
26   10 September 2013                            Jakarta               Indonesia
27   18 October  2014                                Kaifeng               China
28   16-18 October 2015                            TsinTzu              Taiwan
29   16-20 October 2017                           Hong Kong        China
30   18-20 October 2019                           Kuala Lumpur    Malaysia